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Club IT’s mission is to offer live music in a fun friendly atmosphere that fits they’re clienteles lifestyle. The Owners, Lisa and Ruben hope to build a community atmosphere so that young people will feel comfortable and use club IT as a regular meeting spot to socialize and build friendships. Club IT offers several types of music, drinks, dancing and food for there patrons, and, hope to build lasting relationships with this there customers with this business structure. The owners have recently invested substantially in a remodel of the club. Lisa and Ruben are happy with the outcome of the remodel but are now concerned with managing there businesses information technology, and are now looking for a way to analyze and develop the proper IT management applications for there growing nightclub. I am a new employee hired by Lisa and Mark. I will be researching different IT strategies and will supply Lisa and Mark with the information they will need to give there business a competitive advantage (Club IT, 2010).
One of Club IT’s current IT management resources appears to be the use of the intranet. The intranet system the club uses allows employees the ability to view employee profiles. These profiles show information such as hours worked, bonuses earned, vacation accrued, sick leave accrued. The employees address and contact information as well as emergency contact information. The intranet provided allows employees to request time off and fill out forms pertaining to accidents and payroll direct deposits. The intranet system also appears to allow employees access to information for ordering, sales and company budget information. It seems to me this information should not be placed in the employee information area of the system and should not be available to all employees. The company’s lack of IT and data management, is beginning to become clear by the poor placement…...

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