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Tamil Nadu National law School

CASE ANALYSIS: Gudu Ram vs. State Of Himachal Pradesh


Submitted to : Asst. Prof.Golda Sahu Mam Submitted by : Priyanshi Agarwal Registration no. : BC0140042 DECLARATION

I hereby declare that the project entitled “CASE ANALYSIS: Gudu Ram vs. State Of Himachal Pradesh” submitted to the TAMIL NADU NATIONAL LAW SCHOOL, Tiruchirappalli, is a record of bonafide and I hereby declare that the project is a work done by me under the supervision and guidance of Assistance professor Golda Sahu mam'm, Tamil Nadu National Law School, Tiruchirappalli.
All information furnished in this project for scrutiny is true to the best of my knowledge. This project consists of secondary data.

Priyanshi Agarwal
B.COM.-LLB (Hons.)


This is to certify that the Project Report entitled: “Case Analysis: Gudu Ram vs. State Of Himachal Pradesh” submitted to the Tamil Nadu National Law School in partial fulfilment of the requirements for B.COM. LL.B (Hons.), fourth semester is an original and bona-fide research work carried out by Priyanshi Agarwal under my supervision and guidance. No part of this study has been submitted to any University for the award of any Degree or Diploma whatsoever.



At the outset, I take this opportunity to thank my Professor T.S AGILLA from the bottom of my heart who has been of immense help during moments of anxiety and torpidity while the project was taking its crucial shape.
Secondly, I convey my deepest regards to the administrative staff of TNNLS who held the project in high esteem by providing reliable information in the form of library infrastructure and database connections in times of need.
Thirdly, the contribution made by…...

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