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Carrefamily is a large retail chain superstore, providing maximum variety of quality products in competitive price.

To provide best value, best quality and best service to achieve customer satisfaction.

Company Overview
Carrefamily is a sister concern of APKOM Group. Carrefamily is one of the most modern & largest Super Shops in the city, which have two outlets in Dhaka (Mirpur-11 & Adabor Ring Road). Carrefamily assures all kinds of products of people’s needs under one roof, giving highest attention to maintain product quality & better service to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Organizational Profile
As of October 11, 2012 they only have 2 stores. Carrefamily was launched in March, 2009 with the opening of its first store in Mirpur-11.
Their 2nd store was launched in October, 2011 Mohammadpur.
In near future they plan to have one more store in Dhanmondi.
Carrefamily is one of the modern & largest Retail Chain Superstores in the city, which assures all kinds of products of people's needs under one roof. Different kinds of fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, groceries, chocolates, toys, clothing, beverage, food items and a lot more products are available here. Carrefamily always gives highest attention to maintain product quality, especially caring for healthy & hygienic food items including fresh fruits and vegetables. It is successfully providing all the products and services to fulfill the needs of people of different classes, societies, ages and tastes.

The only export oriented meat processing company in Bangladesh BENGAL MEAT is available in all Carrefamily outlets. Bengal Meat provides fresh, hygienic and 100% halal meat. They have 260 types of processed beef, meat & chicken items.

Carrefamily holds the World Class Super Shop standard and facilities, including full-time air conditioning, different zones for different products, trolley & basket system, computerized Point of Sales (POS) with both cash & card payment options and so on. Carrefamily ensures competitive price for the comfort and satisfaction of the valued customers. A highly motivated and dedicated team of educated and trained staffs are working hard to maintain the quality and good-will of the company by providing all necessary support to the valued customers.

Organizational Hierarchy
Carrefamily maintains a vertical organizational hierarchy. As it is a joint venture company, the hierarchy starts with the Mangaing director and ends with floor manager and sales supervisor under the store manager. Here is an overview of the management hierarchy.


Carrefamily provides a wide variety of items. Basically they provide all household products except furniture’s. Some of their products are:
 food items
 fish
 fresh vegetables
 fruits
 bakery
 dairy and
 grocery items together with a vast array of other

• household
• grocery
• personal care
• electronics
• garments, and miscellaneous products Special products:
BENGAL MEAT's 260 types of processed items of:
 Beef
 Meat &
 Chicken.

Supply chain

Carrefamily aims at reducing the number of middlemen in their supply chain. As a result, it can enjoy the profits that the middlemen would take away. On the other hand, it can offer products to the customers at a lower price and of better quality.

Carrefamily maintains a single level supply chain facility. That means they get the supplies from the producers or they produce the products in their own farm. The sources have been described in the following parts.

Carrefamily collects its products from different sources –

Own facilities
 Carrefamily has land in Gazipur where it grows vegetables. If the supplies are not sufficient to meet the demand they go for other sources.

Contract farmers:
 It has some contract farmers in Shatkheera who provide it fish.
 Carrefamily also collects the fresh food items from the very root level.
 It tries to ensure that the products are formalin free by primary test.
 It tries to ensure that its vegetables have minimum level of fertilizers and pesticides.

Local farms:
 If they are unable to produce the products locally or don’t have contracts with farmers they normally go with the local firms who provide products according to their quality. One example for that would be the collection of organic products.

Super shop chain stores generally don’t do much promotional activities and Carrefamily is no different from others. Although they do some minimal promotional activities via tvc and newspaper they believe that satisfied customers are their best promotion.
Even though Carrefamily don’t do much promotional activities it uses some basic tool to promote its’ business like direct marketing, sales promotion etc. some of them are explained below

Advertising: Carrefamily telecasts its’ advertisements on satellite video channel, and they sponsor a program at Islamic TV which concludes their promotions via advertising.

Direct Marketing: Carrefamily distributes flyers, leaflets among general people to grow awareness about its’ products. Sending SMS to existing and potential customer is also a direct marketing policy of Carrefamily.

Sales Promotion: Carrefamily offers discount on products randomly. Membership card is a good way to grasp customers. Free offer is also practiced by Carrefamily.
Sales promotion is the most heavily used promotional tool in Carrefamily. They offer regular discounts on products on different festivals and price cut from time to time.
The sales promotion offers from price discounts to everyday low pricing.


Carrefamily use a broad distribution channel. Due to product diversification and perishable product category it has to emphasize heavily on the channel of distribution. Grocery and shopping items can be collected from the cheapest source but vegetables and other perishable items should be collected from nearest or easiest possible source in order to avoid any sort of misuse.
Agro-product collection is the main difficulty of Carrefamily. To ensure a minimum level of supply it has owned a farm at Gazipur, and the supply is enough to meet the vegetable demand of the growing customers at Carrefamily. They also look for product sourcing from local farmers and suppliers.
Grocery items are collected from best suitable place. Other shopping items or luxury goods are collected either from cheapest source or importers.
Carrefamily has its own transport facility to collect goods from different sources and time saving is one of its’ major policy.

Carrefamily maintains a yearly inventory system with an automated software system. And it applies for all kind of products they sell at their stores. So this makes sure that they are never out of their supplies and customers don’t have to worry about not finding a product.

Though we believe that Carrefamily has been successful over the past three years, there is always space for improvement.
 First of all, since there is not much activities by others in the advertising sector they can easily exploit that and make a mark in consumers mind
 Second, for becoming a chainstore, they have to have more branches and not just in Dhaka, so they need to grow and grow fast.
 Thirdly, though they have their own production facility at Gazipur, there should be more facilities to lessen the consumers worry about the quality of the product.
 And lastly they should invest more in research and development facilities.

We can conclude that, though Carrefamily is relatively new in the chain store business, it has shown tremendous potential. And it is safe to assume that they will succeed in near future and challenge the leaders in this industry. Since government has initiated a good step by declaring chainstore business, it will definitely help the stores like Carrefamily and will bring more competition which can only benefit the economy of Bangladesh.…...

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