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This assignment reflects on one day’s care delivered to a patient during my practice as a healthcare support worker (HSW). It presents anatomy and physiology of the urinary system and focuses on the patient’s catheter use, urinalysis, regular intake of medication and legal issues associated with delivery of care to the patient without mental capacity to make crucial decisions in his life.

For the purpose of this care study, I use the pseudonym Chris for the patient in order to protect his identity and maintain confidentiality (NMC, 2008). There is also a legal obligation under Data Protection Act (1998) not to disclose patient’s personal details. Chris is a 73 year old male, who I worked with in a residential home for people with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour, where he was residing.

Chris has been diagnosed with a learning disability (LD), which means that he has significantly. reduced ability to understand new or complex information and learn new skills (Department of Health, 2002). He has a reduced ability to cope independently due to recent leg amputation and the LD. Amputation is the surgical removal of a limb or body part (Mosquera, 2010). It was performed on Chris’s right leg above the knee to relieve the recurring pain caused by a severe case of peripheral artery disease (PAD). The PAD is a form of peripheral vascular disease in which there is partial or total blockage of an artery, caused by deposits of fat built up along its walls (Patient UK, 2010). He could not cope with his everyday life, because the limb was causing a lot of pain to him. The PAD compromised Chris’s blood supply to his right leg, which became gangrenous. The PAD is relatively easy preventable when noticed on time. The most effective treatment contains regular physical activity, high blood pressure and cholesterol lowering medications and low in saturated fats…...

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