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Canadian Law School Requirements for Admission

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Canadian Law School Requirements for Admission 1) Dalhousie University Schulich School of Law
GPA: Average 3.7/4.3
LSAT: Average 164 Notes: When assessing undergraduate marks, they take into consideration overall GPA or last two years. Whichever is better. Two references letter are required. Entering class is 170. 2) Queen University School of Law
GPA: Average 3.7 (A-)
LSAT: Average 161 Notes: Entering class is 165 3) Lakehead University School of Law
GPA: Average B+/75% for overall 4 years. Last two years average A-/80%
LSAT: Does not have a minimum lsat requirments, depends on the other stuff in the application with references letters and personal statement. 4) Western Law School
GPA: A candidate in the General Category will have at
Least a 3-year undergraduate degree (although most of our admitted class has a 4-year degree) an A-
(82%-84%) average (GPA 3.7), preferably overall, but particularly for the last two full years of undergraduate study and an LSAT score above the
80th percentile.

LSAT: 163

5) Windsor Law School GPA: 75%-80% (a lot of people have got offers at 77 or 79. LSAT: 160-163 people have been getting at this range. 6) Ottawa University Law School
GPA: 80% A- (GPA matters the most than LSAT)
LSAT: 160-165 7) University of Alberta Law School
GPA: 3.8
LSAT: 161 8) University of Saskatchewan College of Law
GPA: 3.4 or better on a 4-point scale (approximately a B+ or 80% average)
LSAT: 159 or higher 9) University of New Brunswick Law School
GPA: 3.8 on a 4.3 scale. (The typical range is 3.2-4.3)
LSAT: 158. (The typical range is 152-173) 10) University of Manitoba Law School
GPA: 3.5+
LSAT: 160+
Notes: An applicant’s entire academic history is reviewed whether taken in undergraduate or graduate studies, on a full or part time basis or in Regular, Evening or Summer Session. When an applicant has earned 90-101 credits, 18 of the worst are dropped (equivalent of 3 full courses, 6 half courses, or combination of); when 102-113 credits are earned, 24 of the worst are dropped (equivalent of 4 full courses, 8 half courses, or combination of); 114+ credit earned, 30 of the worst are dropped (equivalent of 5 full courses, 10 half courses or combination of). 11) University of British Coloumbia Law School
GPA and LSAT: There is no specific minimum LSAT score or GPA that is required to apply. The higher the score, however, the more competitive your application will be. In general, applicants should have an LSAT score of at least 160 (80th percentile) and a CGPA of at least 82% (approximately 3.8 on a 4.33 scale). However, because we weigh the GPA and LSAT evenly there is a range of possible combinations. For example, an applicant could be competitive with an LSAT score of 170 and a CGPA of 78% or with an LSAT score of 158 and a CGPA of 86%. Please note this applies to the Regular Category only.

12) University of Calegary Law school
GPA: 3.57

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