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Running head: Aligning Augusta’s Local Government’s Business Initiatives

Aligning Augusta’s Local Government’s Business Initiatives

Augusta Richmond County, ARC (Augusta, Georgia) is a local government located in Augusta, Georgia. Augusta Richmond County has a “population of 199,486 and a total area of 324.1 square miles” ( The assessment of their employee productivity, training, Career Development and Technology resulted in a need for multiple changes to enhance its ability to function and to maintain in today’s vastly moving and unstable economic times. Employee productivity suffered due to lack of job and salary consistency, training was non-existent government wide, very few departments provided internal departmental training, Career Development was listed in ARC’s Personnel Policy and Procedure Manual but was unfunded and Technology was not being used as a tool to help the employees but as a function to manipulate to possible perform a function. The outcome is to perform a salary study internal and external and to review job functions and correct job descriptions and streamline processes. Implement new training programs in-house with current staff, that is trained and capable of providing the training, and pay for all other training services from external services, approximately 20% of services. Commission to implement a plan to finance Career Development in the 2014 budget and to implement and strategize a plan to obtain or update one of the systems to perform all the functions required of the Human Resources and Finance/Payroll Departments.
The local labor market of Augusta, Georgia is unique in itself as there are ten plus collegiate, technical opportunities within the area to receive training for enhancement of skills and abilities. The majorette of the job opportunities are in the medical, legal, and construction.…...

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