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Banco BPI S.A. (BPI) - Financial Analysis Review
Reference Code: GDFS34484FA Rua Tenente Valadim, 284 Lordelo do Ouro, Porto 4100 - 476 Portugal Phone Fax Website Exchange +351 22 6073100 +351 22 6098787 BPI [Euronext Lisbon] Revenue Net Profit Employees Industry Publication Date: AUG 2012 2,005 (million EUR) -284.87 (million EUR) 8,965 Financial Services

Company Overview
Banco BPI S.A. (BPI) is the fourth largest Portuguese private financial multi-specialist group. The bank has institutional, corporate and individual customers and is among the leaders in mutual funds, pension funds and life-capitalization insurance. Its products and services include asset management, credit and debit cards, deposits, investment, mortgages and insurance. The bank also offers a broad range of life insurance and non-life insurance through Allianz Portugal, in which the bank holds 35% interest. The bank operates its business through a network of 654 retail branches 39 investment centers, 5 specializing in home loans branches.

Key Executives
Name Fernando Ulrich Antonio Domingues Antonio Farinha Morais Jose Pena do Amaral Manuel Ferreira da Silva Chairman Deputy Chairman Director Director Director Title

Key Competitors
Name Mercantil Servicios Financieros, C.A. Banif SGPS SA Banco Comercial Portugues SA Bank of Alexandria SAE Banco Espirito Santo S.A.
Source: Annual Report, Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research, GlobalData

Source: Annual Report, Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research, GlobalData

Share Data
Banco BPI S.A. Price (EUR) as on 27-Aug-2012 EPS (EUR) Market Cap (million EUR) Enterprise Value (million EUR) Shares Outstanding (million)
Source: Annual Report, Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research, GlobalData

Financial Performance
0.60 -0.29 498 259 1,382

Source: Annual Report, Company Website, Primary and…...

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