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1. Executive summary ………………………… 2
2. Introduction …………………………………… 2
3. Back ground …………………………………………………………………………… 2
4. Industry……………………………………………………… 2
5. Comparative advantage ……………………………………………… 2, 3
6. Human resource management practises at the company……………………………. 3, 4
7. Role of international business at the company………………………………………. 4
8. Role of technology management at the company ………………………………….. 4
9. Entrepreneurship and innovation at the company……………………………9

10. Future management strategies, recommendations. 5
11. Conclusion …… 5, 6
12. Bibliography ……………………………………………………………6, 7

Executive summary
Boost is one of the fastest growing juice bars in the world, famously known for their healthy juices and smoothies .The company started from a single shop in Australia to over 350 stores worldwide. The report gives a complete understanding of boost journey and their management practices. The management practices are divided in to three main categories HR management, International business management practices and technology management at the company.

Boost juice bar is one of the most popular juice and smoothies brand in the world. Since its start in the year 2000 boost has achieved a significant growth in juice and smoothies retail industry and is one of the most competitive company. Boost has expanded from a small store in Adelaide Australia to international stores in Asia, Europe, Russia and Middle East by the means of franchising. This report is presented in order to get a brief understanding of their business performance .A management analysis will be provided to explain the advantages , disadvantages and recommendation which will help the company to achieve its future goal.
Every boost store has a energetic feel to it with the loud music pumping, the staff dancing to rhythm of the music to make you a fresh…...

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