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In the Partial Fulfillment of the Degree of Bachelor of Commerce
Session 2012-2015
Under Punjab Technical University (PTU)

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While submitting the project on “Analysis of Bharti AXA Range of Services” I avail this opportunity to express our gratitude towards all those who guided and helped to finish this project successfully.
I am grateful to Mr.Kamal Grover (Branch Head) and my project guide Mr. Kamal Sukhija from Bharti AXA Life Insurance for his inspiring guidance and kind encouragement.
I express my deep sense of gratitude and heartily thanks to my executive those valuable guidance and encouragement, which has played a major role in completion of this project work. His esteem suggestion and encouragement from time to time has always helped in the completion of this project.
I am thankful to my teaching staff for their valuable guidance in completion of this project.

I am Priya Manhas student of (P) GNA IMT Phagwara, Punjab hereby declare that this project report entitled “Analysis of Bharti AXA Range of Services” at Bharti AXA Life Insurance submitted is my original work.
The finding of the reports are based on the information collected by me during the study and the result embodied in this study has not been submitted to any other university for the award of degree.

Priya Manhas

Place: Jalandhar.



This is to certify that the report of the project submitted is the outcome of project work entitled “ANALYSIS OF BHARTI AXA RANGE OF SERVICES” carried…...

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