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Scene 1
Tina: a female staff, a noob in a publishing company, who has worked in Amazon and studied in a university
Jack: a male staff, having got two year working experience, who is with Tina in a same office
Tina: (feel tried and open the door of her office) how are you going, Jack?
Jack: (surf on the internet and type something) fine, thanks. You come so early every day. You work so hard. How big of you!
Tina: (smile a little bit) really? I think I am a fresh man in the company. I would like to work hard and keep my job.
Jack: good, I just remember that I also worked hard when I first went to this company. (He just wants to answer the phone) sorry, somebody is just ringing me.
Tina: that is all right.
Jack: (answer the phone) ok. I got it. (Speak to Tina and hang up the phone) Tina, the boss needs you to study and do the Amazon Optimization as soon as possible. Is that good?
Tina: It should be ok, but I have some questions which I have to forge an amount of materials. They are included profits, Master’s Degrees, marriages, and children. I have to find some books and journals with keywords to search and make the fake resources which I never read before. They are not exist and nothing about qualifications.

Jack :( feels uncomfortable) you don't seem to be quite yourself today. You should know it is like a rule in our company and the whole industry. Maybe you just came here in a short time and you must receive the current situation.

Tina: as you know, it is illegal and different from with my value. I think we should not do like that.

Jack: you are so rude. If you have some suggestion, you can talk to the boss. As your friend, I just tell you some rules in the publishing company and industry.

Tina: (shy and repent) Jack, I am not pointing at you; I just focus on fake things. I thought these a lot last night. I think it is a good aversive to speak to the boss directly. Sorry about that.

Jack: that is ok. We are colleagues. You can do something like Romans do. Relax and come on. You need a good working style.

Tina: (thinking and a bit relax) ok, I got it.

Scene 2
Marketing manager (Tom): Tina’s manager, who has worked in the company when it was open, the boss’s friend and beginning partner.
Tina: (knock the door) may I come in?
Tom: Tina, come in. Did you meet something when you are working?
Tina: there should be some issues. I would have pressure which I cannot afford.
Tom: oh, yes? What is up? I just interviewed you yesterday. You are a good staff and you are working hard. As the other staff, you are a university student and not many university students should work in a publishing company. You will be a good one.
Tina: thank you for your attention. I feel good in the company. Jack helped me a lot. He teaches me how to use our company’s books listing system, and so on. The other four colleagues in my office also took me to the best resting area nearby and we communicate with each other very well although we are from different countries and have different culture.
Tom: that sounds nice. You have a good working skill and you can organize the office quite well. You six can have a good relationship with each other and it should be to create a unity team.
Tina: yes, it is right. Our company’s environment is also good. We have an individual desk and a high quality laptop, and a well-done cooler. It is good for me because I will feel sick if the weather is hot. In addition, our company supplies the free coffee and lunch. As you know, it is very hard to have lunch nearby. It wastes a lot of time. There is only a good lunch bar which has some perfect cooks. After lunch or after work, we can go to the gym or club. There are the swimming pool, the cycle studio and so on. They are benefit for human beings’ active, strength, mind and body, and feature.
Tom: really? I cannot image that you are a new staff. You know the company deeply. It is our company’s culture. We would like to provide a health, comfortable, advanced, ongoing company.
Tina: it looks nice. But I do not know how to say. I try to say something, can I?
Tom: sure, we are equal. You can talk anything if you like. It is your human right. We also can listen to you to advance our company. It is ours. We are like a family.
Tina: ok, the boss makes me to do the Amazon Optimization. It is not very hard for me. I have done a similar optimization before. I feel excited when I read or go to books. But it is not really being. I have to find some books and journals with keywords to search and make the fake resources which I never read before. It is nothing about qualifications.
Tom: I do not think forging is true. You should be carefully about your work. Come on. Do not make an excuse for your lazy. As my experience, it is easy but verbose, but you have to do that. It is your duty.
Tina: that is true. Jack said it was a general method. It is done by our company and the whole industry.
Tom: how can I say? Just follow what I said. If you say more, I will be angry.
Tina: I think we cannot talk any more. I will tell the boss and he will punish you anyway. The boss should be justice.
Tom: you can go to his office. But I do not think he will trust you, or he also understands it. He even is the beginner of forging.
Tina: I cannot believe that. I will talk to the boss now. Nothing tricky.
Tom: who knows?
(Tina walks out Tom’s office and runs to the boss’s office.)

Scene 3
Tina’s boss (Mary): the publishing company’s boss, a successful businessman, who is sainted saint like, powerful
(Mary‘s secretary told Tina she is waiting Tina in the meeting)
Tina: Mary, I am Tina, you call me to have a meeting, do you?
Mary: Tina, take a seat. It is said that you argued with Tom. It is not good. If you have some complaints or dissatisfaction, you can talk to me truly. He is a direct person.
Tina: ok, I will forget it whatever he is my manager. After all, when I got in trouble, he gave me a favor. He is my favor.
Mary: yeah? Would you like to tell your story? Relax and shoot the breeze.
Tina: as you know, I am a poor student. I need a job. I am so poor to afford the housing rent. I tried my best to hand out my resume in every possible company. But I have not got the answer. Luckily Tom was interested in my resume and interviewed me. If I did not get this job, I even cannot pay this month rent. I would get the key of the street.
Mary: it sounds like a dream. But why did you two argue so loudly?
Tina: it is because of the Amazon Optimization. Jack said it was a common sense. But Tom said it was a kidding. When I said I would tell you, he said you were the beginner.
Mary: how to say? It is true, I am the beginner, and the whole industry should follow this way. If we do not do it, we will miss the consumers and the other companies will censure us. They will think we are strange.
Tina: in any case, it is wrong. You are a bad boss. You just follow others’ ways. You can do something in your mind.
Mary: can you dig it? Who is your boss? I feed and manage you. Do not over do it.
Tina: I see. But I just said the truth. I will fight with it even I lost my job.
Mary: come on, Tina. You are a good staff and you have a further future in the company.
Tina: I have no idea. I just need a justice, and I will give you some suggestions.
Mary: ok, we need calm down, and I will be all ears.
Tina: our company’s culture is good and it is the proof of a company. It is a health, comfortable, advanced, and ongoing. The relationship with the colleagues is fanatic. The internal and external environments are engaging. However, we have done some bad thing as to profits. Money is not the whole thing of the life. We should be heartless. We are the animals. We might encourage the people who are honest and stand for their behaviors. They can be good examples to a public list. We can give their oral rewards or compete to a higher position.
Mary: not so bad. Can you give a detail report and hand out to me tomorrow? I would like to read and try to do it. You working here look like God works.
Tina: it is of high quality. I am going to go. See you tomorrow with my report.
Mary: see you.…...

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