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Benefits of Hot Water Bottles

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Benefits of Hot Water Bottles

Do you remember when your mum used to place a hot water bottle in the middle of your bed ready for bedtime? Bet, like many, a hot water bottle is not amongst the must-have items in homes nowadays and if that is the case then why not? Hot water bottles are not just for warming bedsheets on a cold winter’s night, they have so many more benefits.

Period Pains
Most women will agree that the worst part of being a woman is the period pains they suffer every month – some worse than others. Those in the know, thanks to mothers, aunts, grandmothers, reach for a hot water bottle and hug it tight. The warmth from the hot water bottle acts in the same way as placing a hot flannel on a painful part of our bodies. Both help to take away the pain and discomfort.

Back pain can be particularly painful and for regular suffers adding some heat to the afflicting areas brings some much needed relief. The heat from a hot water bottle stimulates the blood flow and encourages the healing nutrients in our body to gather around the affected area of the back.

For those who have ever had a toothache know the pain can be excruciating and trying to find something that will alleviate some of the pain makes the situation worse. Adding some heat to the cheek will help bring some relieve, but don’t go putting a red hot water bottle straight onto your face. If possible, try using one that is covered or wrap the hot water bottle in a pillowcase – you don’t want a burnt face to add to your toothache.

Like most aches the addition of heat will make all the difference. Whether your head hurts at the front, back or side holding a hot water bottle on the spot that hurts will see your pain slowly subside and hopefully disappear.

A cold is one of those ailments that we will all get at least once a year but…...

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