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Bank vs Insurance Company

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Research paper


correlation between the share price




insurance company

Course Code: BUS-498

Prepared For:

Quazi Sagota Samina
Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Business Department

East West University

Prepared By:
Md. Manzur Hossain (ID. 2004-3-10-097)

Submission Date: 12th April 2007

14th August, 2008

Quazi Sagota Samina
Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Business Department

East West University

Subject: Letter of Transmittal

Dear Sir:

Please accept the accompanying Work Term Report entitled "The Correlation between the Share Price of Bank and Insurance Company."

To complete this Term Paper I try to gather as many as information I find. Much of our operating information came from the DES Library. The remaining data came from the textbooks and websites.

If you need any further clarification any part of the term paper please do not hesitate to call me.

Thanking you.


Md. Manzur Hossain
ID. 2004-3-10-097


I am doing my research work Under Mis.Sagota Samina. I would like to express my special feelings & great affections with our heartiest appreciation to the most honorable faculty for her kind co-operation. Without her help it was impossible for me to complete the report. Her well-organized method of instruction helped me to understand the critical topics easily. I also thanked her for kindly assigning such a nice & significant report, which I always remember gratefully.

At last I would like to convey my best regards to DSE which helped me through out the completion of the report.

I desire & hope that this report will certainly help me to get a good experience.

Table of contents

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