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Autonomy vs Teamwork in Salesperson`S Future Performance

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Master of Science in Strategic Marketing Management


Problem definition................................................................................................3
Literature review..................................................................................................4
Conclusions – our opinion..................................................................................12

PROBLEM IN “Measuring and Managing a Salesperson`s Future Value of the Firm” by V.Kumar, Sarang Sunder, and Robert P. Leone (2014 Journal of Marketing Research)
Businesses are moving from a product-centric to a customer-centric view and from a backward­ looking to a forward-looking strategic perspective, so sales organizations must adapt to the ever-changing marketplace to maximize performance. Given the dynamic and extremely competitive nature of the market-place, it is critical for companies to manage their sales forces proactively to maximize customer loyalty and firm value as well as minimize risk.
Customer loyalty is heavily in the control of the salesperson. Some salespersons might take customers with them when leaving the company. This happend in 2012 to well known Norwegian services company ISS Renhold AS.…...

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