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Authorithy Figures Bullies or Buddies: Brutalit from Authority Figures to Immigrants an Annotated Biblography

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Annotated Bibliography

Daly 9:00-9:50 Authority figures Bullies or Buddies: Brutality from authority figures to immigrants This newspaper article that I found online, written by Daniel Shoer Roth of the Miami Herald newspaper, shows his research on the subject of police brutality towards immigrants/refugees. it also shows some of his personal outlooks on the topic along with some views of some of the citizens in Miami that he interviewed. he talks on a national and local level about , biased policing, unconstitutional searches and seizures and the use of excessive force when dealing with ethnic groups. many cases have been documented in Miami-Dade County in which DEA agents and local police officers have arrested U.S. citizens with foreign last names to interrogate them about their citizenship. Foreigners are required to carry immigration papers, green cards, at all times. But natural born U.S. citizens are not required to carry papers proving citizenship. local police departments deny having policies that encourage the harassment of immigrants, but these attacks show how law-enforcement policies are not entirely respected by the officers. The enforcement program, Secure Communities, is sometimes considered a useless tool in bringing out dangerous foreign criminals, also gives full power to criminals and gives them power to commit abuse against our community. It also endangers any legal American who may be a victim of a crime witnessed by an immigrant/refugee who is scared of reporting it for fear of deportation.The program promotes racial profiling of any person who would fit the stereotypical look of an immigrant. It also gives free reign to prejudiced agents to unleash their abuse.

Roth Shoer Daniel. "Miami Herald" Police Brutality against immigrants. Wednesday, 07.04.12

The author Joshua Lunsford, an attorney at the Tucson Immigration Court, wrote this review for the "Immigration Law Advisor" a legal publication of The Executive Office for Immigration Review. This issue was published somewhat recent in the month of feburary of 2012 by The Executive Office for Immigration Review. The issue is entitled "The burden of proof and relief from removability: who benefits from the ambiguity in an inconclusive record of conviction?". This review takes an in depth look at multiple court cases against immigrants in the United States federal court system. It also covers the board of immigration appeals and their precedent decisions. I believe that this review will help me in my work because it was written by someone involved in the American judicial system and his work is on a scholarly level.

Lunsford, Joseph. "He Burden of Proof and Relief from Removability: Who Benefits from the Ambiguity in an Inconclusive Record of Conviction?"." Http:// The Executive Office for Immigration Review, Feb. 2012. Web. 10 Oct. 2012.>.

This forum endorsed by the United States Department of Justice written by Fridell, Loire, Robert Lumney, Drew Diamond, Bruce Kuby, Michael Scott, and Colleen Laing , states some critical issues in Racially Biased Policing. It also addresses the Police and Citizen Perceptions of these accusations. This forum talks about officer Accountability and the Supervision that they are under from their superiors. It looks at the laws and talks about a new Policy To Address Racially Biased Policing and the Perceptions Thereof. This forum talks about the hiring, training, recruitment, and education of old and new officers of the law. It also talks about a police outreach to minority ,immigrant , and refugee communities.

Fridell, Loire, Robert Lumney, Drew Diamond, Bruce Kuby, Michael Scott, and Colleen Laing. "Racially Biased Policing: A Principled Response." Police Executive Research Forum (2001): n. pag. United States Department of Justice. Web. 12 Oct. 2012.

This scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article written by Cristini, Francecsa, Luca Scacchi, Douglas D. Perkins, Massimo Santinello, and Alessio Vieno shows their work from their case studies in 2008 talking about the discrimination of children American in Italian schools. Participants were 214 mostly male, American immigrant adolescents in grades 9 through 13 of high schools in two small cities in northern Italy. Results showed that discrimination has a significant detrimental effect on psychological well-being of foreign-born adolescents. Additionally, the current study outlined that the only protective factor for depressive symptoms, among the analyzed variables concerning cultural identity and school social support, was social support from teachers. None of the analyzed moderators buffered the relationship between discrimination and depressive symptoms reported by immigrant adolescents. These results have implications for preventive interventions for immigrant adolescents and suggest a protective role for teachers.

Cristini, Francecsa, Luca Scacchi, Douglas D. Perkins, Massimo Santinello, and Alessio Vieno. "The Influence of Discrimination on Immigrant Adolesents Depressive Systems: What Buffers Its Detrimental Effects?" Vanderbilt University. N.p., 08 Aug. 2011. Web. 12 Oct. 2012.

This is an extremely in depth question and answer session with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). It first addresses the blocking of public schools, universities, and colleges to all immigrants in the state of Alabama. They then proceed to talk about the police punishing individuals for routine interactions with undocumented immigrants. They also talk about the problem with having police in Alabama work on the "Immigration problem" and dealing with racially biased police officers. The ACLU ends their argument by comparing their main points to a supreme court decision in the case of The Chamber of Commerce vs Whitling.

"American Civil Liberties Union." American Civil Liberties Union. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Oct. 2012.

This is a pod-cast from Jim Shee,he is a plaintiff in the ACLU’s case challenging SB 1070, Arizona’s notorious immigration law. Shee is an American citizen of Chinese and Spanish descent and a lifelong Arizona resident. After the law passed, he was stopped twice by police and asked to show his “papers.” He now carries his passport with him at all times in case he is again pulled over and required to prove his right to be in his own country and city. in this video he talks about how he was embarassed and discriminated against by an Arizona police officer and how he fears for his grandchildren and others that aren't blonde haired and blue eyed in the future. He fears that they be treated as immigrants even though they are natural born citizens.

Shee, Jim. (2012) Untitled, SB:1070 "I Look Suspicious". [podcast] Available at: [Accessed: 10-12-12].

This is a comentary written by Lucas Guttentag, he talks about the United States Supreme Court and their decisions on the controversial law in Arizona, statue SB: 1070. He also talks about preemption and the preemptive role of section 1981 in the Constitution. In his conclusion, He brings up the United States Court Justices in this case and the discriminitory biases involved.

Guyyentag, Lucas.Discrimination, Preemption, And Arizona's Immigration law; A Broader view. Stanford Law Review.

This is a Blog posted by Becky Hurwitz, the co-design facilitator and community organizer at the MIT center for civic media. She talks about the impact of SB:1070 on individuals who "Fit The Part" of an illegal immigrant. She also takes shots at the Secure Communities program. She then goes on to talk about racial and religious profiling as well as discriminitory policing by local police officers. She then addresses the Stop and Frisk Law. She has videos posted on this website where she has discussed these issues with the population of New York City.

Hurwitz, Becky.Responses to Discriminatory immigration and Biased Policing. [blog] July 27th, 2012, Available at: [Accessed: 10-12-2012].

This is a newspaper article written by Justine Garcia, a reporter for The State Press, she states that the new laws In arizona discriminate against the children whose parents aren't legal but they are.The new law would take the child out of school just because of their parents illegal status. She then says that the law would take money and jobs away from the teachers in these schools. then she writes that the laws are unconstitutional. Garcia, Justine. Discrimination in the classroom. The State Press, feb 1, 2011. web.

This paper written by Benjamin Bowling, Coretta Phillips, Alexandra Campbell, Maria Docking examines racism, xenophobia, discrimination, intolerance and the abuse of power in policing, based upon a critical analysis of theoretical and empirical research on selected police forces in England, South Africa, Australia and the United States. It sets out a framework, founded upon international legal instruments relating to anti-discrimination policy and the governance of policing, for protecting fundamental human rights, including safety, liberty and freedom from unlawful intrusion by the state. The paper reviews the research on the control of abusive policing through structural and cultural change; explores innovations in personnel management and training; and recommends the introduction of robust mechanisms to achieve democratic accountability.

Bowling, B. (2012) Policing and Human Rights: Eliminating Discrimination, Xenophobia, Intolerance and the Abuse of Power from Police Work. p.1-36 Print…...

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