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What is entrepreneurship?

1. Introduction
An entrepreneur is one of the factors which very important to promote social and economic development and it are a best combine for the human capital, physical capital and social capital. Entrepreneurs are also engaged in the creative activity of innovators. Entrepreneurship is an entrepreneur, a quality, a way of thinking or an ideology. There are four major elements are significant with entrepreneurial spirit: enterprising spirit, adventure spirit, innovative spirit and social responsibility. Cultivating entrepreneurial spirit can shape the correct social values and create a good environment for the formation of the entrepreneurship. The essay has explained what is entrepreneurship and analysis of this topic.

2. Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurs are those who have innovative and enterprising spirit, and they can organize and utilize economic resources effectively. Usually entrepreneurs dare to take responsibility for business operation, and they have special qualities that create wealth for the enterprise and society. Entrepreneurs can be divided into three types: traditional entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, and social entrepreneurs. Traditional entrepreneurs have including the creator of private business and outstanding leaders of state-owned business. The former is creating enterprise or make it stronger, and they must assume all operating risk of enterprise. They tend to be the supreme leader of enterprise or have the right of exercise control in the enterprise, and it returns society though pay taxes. The latter have not the ownership of enterprise, and they have made the state-owned enterprise implements a leap-forward development though good team leader.

3. Entrepreneurship
The value of entrepreneurship should be an abstract concept. It may be a quality, a thought or an ideology. Entrepreneurship should be the…...

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