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After two semesters being with APO, I have had a great but somewhat limited role within the organization where I actively participated in LFS events, but found myself to be lacking in leadership roles as I did not hold any position nor was part of any committee. I wanted to change that pattern because I wanted to give back more to the fraternity itself as well as meet more of the great members in it. While reading the description for the various committees for APO, Service External really stood out for me because it encompassed the part I loved the most about the fraternity which was the many service events and projects it has. Having attended a wide range of service events from the Petsmart Adoption to Football Staffing, I loved the wide range of opportunities APO has when it comes to giving back to the community and nation. An idea I have regarding service events is to have events that correlate directly to special days related to good causes. An example is on February 4, which is World Cancer Day, events can be created where brothers can write cards to cancer patients and/or visit local cancer patients. Doing so can create a sense of excitement where brothers can expect new events regularly, while raising awareness for many different good causes. Moreover, I want to work together with other members to maintain the relationships that we've had with various organizations to continue the volunteer work that we do with them while making the process more…...

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