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BDO 271 | Assignment: ANTZ | Bianca L Fraser |

1. Discuss the Organisational structure as illustrated in the movie by referring to the Ants Colony structure and the Insectopia structure. This description should include all the major elements regarding organisational structure and the application of the theory by means of examples as found in the movie.

An organisational structure is “the way in which a job tasks are formally divided, grouped, and coordinated.” (A.Judge, what is an organizational structure, 2013) The film Antz illustrates to us how this concept is used by dividing the ant colony into their specific groups. Six elements are addressed when looking at an organisational structure which include;
Work specialisation
Work specialisation is the division of labour, where an organisation’s tasks are subdivided into distinct jobs, each completed by a separate individual. In the first five minutes of the film we see images of the little lava ants being given their individual working status, worker ants taking their place in the lines of production, and soldier ants training for battle. (A.Judge, what is an organizational structure, 2013)
Departmentalization comes into being when jobs in the organisation are grouped together. Jobs can be divided into groups in different ways, functions performed is one of the more popular ways of doing this. In the film there are two major functions to be performed; the function of the worker ants digging tunnels and the function of the soldier ants that fight rivalry pests or insects. Another way could be by the type of product or service the organisation produces or on the basis of geography. Each colony of ants is situated in different areas of the planet and all have their own individual queen and leader. (A.Judge, what is an organizational structure, 2013)
Chain of command
Chain of…...

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