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Another Boxing Robbery

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My fraternity Brod, Edrin “The Sting” Dapudong, could not help but show his disappointment when we chatted over his loss to South African Gideon Buthelezi by a split decision for the IBO World Junior Bantamweight Title at the Emperor Palace Hotel Casino Resort Pavilion in Johannesburg, South Africa on Saturday, November 10.

Dapudong’s manager, former North Cotabato Governor Manny Pinol, was utterly dismayed by the decision favoring the South African even after Dapudong “turned Buthelezi’s face into a bloody mess” as early as the first round “and then floored the local fighter with his signature left hook in the ninth round that sent Buthelezi to the canvas for a mandatory eight count.”

Governor Pinol dubbed the fight as “one of the greatest boxing robberies of all time,” similar to the controversial Timothy Bradley victory over Manny Pacquiao.

South Africa is notorious for hometown decisions. Governor Pinol writes in his blog,, that “It was only the British judge from London, Reg Thompson, who saw Dapudong the winner by a wide margin while the South African judge, Tony Nyangiwe, living up to South African boxing tradition, and American Michael Pernick from Miami, gave the fight to Buthelezi.”

I told Brod Edrin that even as he lost the fight, his being robbed of the title might hopefully drum up interest in the sport again and, eventually, in his capability as a fighter.

I guess the boxing world needs such controversies at this time to draw attention to the sport for which public interest has waned. Sadly it was at the expense of Brod Megan Dapudong. Fortunately, the former IBC World Champion in 2010 is unfazed, vowing to fight again and win convincingly the next time he climbs the canvas.


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