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Analysis of Newspaper Research Report Results

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Analysis of Newspaper Research Report Results
Rolanda Redman
July 12, 2015
Sil Di Gregorio

Analysis of Newspaper Research Report Results
The Chicago Tribune published an article educating readers on the perils of children riding in vehicles of inebriated drivers. The study confirmed that driving under the influence (DUI) related deaths among children reveals the children were riding in the vehicle of the inebriated driver. This recklessness needs to stop before another child pays the consequences of an irresponsible individual.
Gregory & Ziezulewicz, (2014) report from 2001 to 2010, 2,344 children under age 15 were killed in crashes involving at least one alcohol-impaired driver. Illinois recorded 42 of those deaths during that time, holds one of the lower rates of child passengers killed in crashes involving impaired drivers. South Dakota had the highest rate. New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts registered the lowest rates.
The report reveals of those 2,344 deaths, 1,515 of the children were with impaired drivers. Most of the drivers survived the crashes, while the unrestrained children died. In this writer’s opinion, this article used descriptive statistics to get the point across to the readers.
This writer’s thinks the authors of the article are trying to use these statistics as a tragic example of the recklessness of the driver. The authors cited their references but the reader would have to do research to see if the numbers are actually accurate. The article did make this writer become more aware of the importance of keeping children safely restrained while being in a vehicle at all times. Just because a child is restrained doesn’t mean that they will reach their destination without any tragedy transpiring. The study in the article did use good samples, it mentioned five different states, a time frame for the study, an age group and condition of the driver. This writer believes the findings were statistically significant in this study.
The authors of the study gave insight to child passenger deaths occur not only as the vehicle being struck but as the vehicle causing the crash. One in five child passenger deaths in the United States involve an alcohol impaired driver. The research appears to be sound in this writer’s opinion. The research conducted was over 10 year span, the sample group was deaths of children under 15 years old involved in impaired driver’s crashes.
This writer is confused with the article when it stated “the number of children killed riding with an alcohol impaired driver decreased by 41 percent during the study period. That trend mirrored substantial reductions in child passenger deaths, alcohol impaired driving deaths and total motor vehicle deaths during that time”. This writer is not sure what the article is trying to say. This writer believes that information could have been written in error.
The article did not state a level of significance, but this writer feels the study was moderately significant. The subject matter being children deaths draws the attention for awareness to keep children safe. As said in the article, “these are tragedies that we’ve got to find ways to prevent”.

References Gregory, T. & Ziezulewicz, G. (2014, May 6). Dad charged with DUI in son’s death reflects national trend. Chicago Tribune. Retrieved from…...

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