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America's Cheapest Family

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America’s Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money
The book titled “America's Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money: Your Guide to Living Better, Spending Less, and Cashing in on Your Dreams,” by Steve and Annette Economides, is broken down into chapters covering each area of a household budget: groceries, car expenses, housing costs, utilities, debt, medical bills, clothing, entertainment and recreation, vacations, kids and money, and savings and investments. In each chapter, Steve and Annette offer tips on how one should be thinking about each area of their life. Steve and Annette offer ideas, at the end of each chapter, to improve one’s performance in each area by offering three stages of suggestions: for someone willing to make small changes, for someone looking to make bigger changes, and for someone to go all in and follow Steve and Annette’s way.
Planning is very important; to save some serious money Steve and Annette insist one should start with a plan that will assist to develop a budget. They suggest one to apply more resourcefulness, clip coupons, create grocery lists, and double check the lists before heading off to shop. When you plan menus in advance it gives you time to take careful inventory of the pantry and do some product and pricing research to see which items are priced best.
Organization is a money saver as Steve and Annette claim. Disorganization may cause one to end up with late payments with fees, lost coupons, forgotten checks, and the list goes on. While the “cheapest family” has gone on to work things out like a well-oiled machine, I have unfortunately lost money due to being disorganized.
Committed savers are those not afraid to go after the best deal. Getting the best prices can be a real challenge. For instance, waiting for sales, negotiating to get a better price, asking questions and searching for the best prices takes a…...

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