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In case 2, Air Miles carried out a marketing research for the campaign ‘Who Join Wins’. New customer is targeted as the campaign is to attract them to join and have the lucky draw. This research have 3 objectives: to evaluate the advertising, to ascertain the clarity of the key message and ease of understand on it, and to gauge whether the audience could felt a sense of ‘you’d be mad not to take apart’ or not. Air Miles has used 2 research methods to evaluate the effectiveness. First, eight focus groups have been formed, including 5 non-Air Miles collectors and 3 current passive Air Miles collectors. The purpose of the campaign was to increase the new customer and prompt passive customer to start collecting with another partner. Second, sample testing has been conducted. Eventually the whole research is failed as the selection on sample size is not representative and budget is restricted. Hence, Air Miles adjusted and conducted another marketing research. The new objective is to figure out whether the advertising could maximize the recall. Air Miles cut the research into 3 waves: before, during and after the campaign. It used face-to-face survey to test the representative samples by playing the advertisement using multi-media technology. The research outcome could help Air Miles to understand the awareness of consumer on the advertisement and the impact on future behavior of the consumer.

By analyzing two researches, the first one is rather likely to be a qualitative research which uses to gain insight at the campaign development stage. However, the tested sample was not efficient to represent the population. So, after they have restricted budget, they carry out the quantitative research which is face-to-face omnibus survey. The test sample range has increased to all UK citizens which above age of 18 and the research implemented multi-media technology. Since the first research reject to use TVC and find that it is not effective to carry out advertisement without TVC, the second research have included show the TVC and radio ad to the potential customer in order to test whether the media advertisements can attract or recall the customers and potential customers about the campaign. By increasing then tested sample range, we find out that: Age between 18~24 and above 54 are also the potential customers for Air Miles. Moreover, the use of 3 waves research method is a kind of longitudinal research. They record the respondents’ opinions overtime so that they can record the trend of changing attitude towards the campaign. After they conduct the second research, they find that the people age between 18~24 are the highest potential customer to the company, and they are the group that never been identified as potential collectors until the second research has done. If the research is only conduct within the target group customer, they will not be discovered. And the overall key points of learning from this research are that the messages used in the future campaigns need to be as simple as possible.…...

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