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Course Syllabus
Introduction to Management Accounting

Please print a copy of this syllabus for handy reference.
Whenever there is a question about what assignments are due, please remember this syllabus is considered the ruling document.

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Facilitator Information
Chuck Royes (University of Phoenix) (Personal)
817-307-4990 (CST)
Facilitator Availability
Typically, I am available from 7:00 pm Central Time until 11:00 pm Central Time on most weekdays.
During the weekend, I am available throughout the day and evening, usually checking emails on a regular basis. If these times are not convenient for you, please let me know. I will be happy to accommodate your schedule to the extent reasonably possible.
Should you have the need to contact me outside of these times, please do not hesitate to do so.
For emergencies, when you are not able to gain access to messages on the Online Learning System
(OLS), please send a message to my personal email address. In the event a third party needs to contact me, please direct them to my contact information listed under "facilitator information." No third party should use your login credentials to gain access to the classroom.

Where to Go to Class
Main: This is the main forum for the class and is where discussion is conducted. It has read-and-write access for everyone.
Chat-Room: This is a read-and-write access forum. It is designed as a place to discuss issues not related to the course content. This is the forum to which we will send our bios.
Course-Materials: This is a read-only forum, which means you can read messages here but cannot send any. This is where I will post the course syllabus and materials.
Learning-Team-A, B, C, D, E and F: These six Learning Team forums will be used as workrooms for the learning teams. You will be assigned to one of these learning teams.
Individual Forum: You will see one forum with your name on it. This is a private forum, shared only by you and me, the facilitator. Your classmates will not have access to this forum. You can ask questions here. However, if you have general questions about instructions of assignments, please post those in the
Main forum, since other students may benefit by that exchange as well.

For class policies, please see the Policies link on the left side of the Materials page for the course on eCampus. Faculty and students/learners will be held responsible for understanding and adhering to all policies contained within that link. University policies are subject to change so please be sure to read them at the beginning of each class as it may have changed since your last class. Policies may be slightly different depending on the modality in which you attend class. If you have recently changed modalities it is important you read the policies governing your current class modality.

Discussion Questions and
The maximum credit that can be earned for Discussion Questions and Participation for the entire course is 25 points. Discussion and Participation are graded each week during weeks 1-5 of the course. Each week, the maximum points that can be earned for Discussion and Participation is 5. The Gradebook format requires that I assign individual point totals for each Discussion Question and Participation separately. Participation activity for the entire course week is graded at the end of the week. Initial posts for Discussion Question #1 will be due on Wednesday (Day 2) of the course week, and initial posts for
Discussion Question #2 will be due on Saturday (Day 5) of each course week. Throughout the week, students are encouraged to reply to the posts of fellow classmates and make additional posts that offer new ideas related to the discussion topic. This additional activity is what will be graded as Participation activity. In order to be considered for the maximum Discussion Question/Participation grade during a course week
(5 points), the student must post at least 2 substantive posts on each of at least 4 days out of the 7 days in the course week.

Late Assignments
Late assignments receive a 10% deduction for each day they are late if assignments are not posted by
11:59 p.m. M.S.T. on the day they are due. Assignments more than 4 days late will not be accepted.
Technological issues are not considered valid grounds for late assignment submission. In the event of a
University of Phoenix server outage, students should submit assignments through email to the instructor

and post to the individual forum when systems are restored. Unless an Incomplete grade has been granted, learner assignments submitted after the last day of class will not be accepted.

Learning Teams
University of Phoenix students are expected to work effectively in diverse groups and teams to achieve tasks. They must collaborate and function well in team settings as both leaders and followers. They should respect human diversity and behave in a tolerant manner toward colleagues and peers. If you experience difficulties working with your team, you are expected to resolve them within the team if possible. However, please feel free to contact me for guidance if you have concerns in this area. Because
Learning Team projects are outcome-based, all members of your Learning Team will generally earn the same grade for Learning Team projects. However, I reserve the right to report different grades for different Learning Team members if I see a substantial imbalance in individual contribution. Learning
Teams should provide a brief summary of any communication held outside the forum. Therefore, if you hold conference calls, work in a real-time chat room, or get together outside the OLS (Online Learning
System) environment in another way, please post a log, transcript, or summary in the Learning Team forum. Further, do not use any of these supplementary communication tools unless everyone on your
Learning Team agrees to the method and to the schedule. If you have any questions, please contact me.
Several of the assignments in this class will be completed in Learning Teams of four to five students.
Students will be allowed to select their own Learning teams by notifying me with the names of their classmates that they wish to partner with. I will make every effort to honor all requests while also seeking to maintain evenly balanced Learning Teams. Notification of teammate preferences are due in the Main
Forum by day three of week one, and I will complete the set-up of the Learning Teams by day five of week one. I will post the makeup of the Learning Teams in the Main Forum. Finally, each Learning Team will designate an individual member to post the Learning Team assignment to the Learning Team Forum.
A different Learning Team member should be responsible for posting each assignment, unless circumstances dictate otherwise.
It is expected that you will actively participate with your Learning Team and contribute to the team discussions by a) contributing original work that is accepted and used by the team with proof of originality
b) participating in the project from assignment organizing through meaningful final review of the team project for submission, and c) ensuring to your team that your contributions are your original work and properly quoted, cited, and referenced.

Technical Support
Technical Support is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Call 1-877-832-4867, or use the e-mail support form.
Answers to the most common issues are found in the Knowledge Base by clicking Help, found at the top of every student Web site.

Each week, I will provide grades or scores and comments on assignments within 6 days of when they were submitted. I will send feedback to your Individual forum. After I send feedback each week, I will post a notification in the Main forum.

Grading Formula
Points Grade






















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