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Academic Research and Referencing

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Academic research and referencing

Planning my assignment was not an easy task. The assignment was for us to choose a topic of our choice preferable health related and to write a five hundred word essay on that topic.
I found it really hard to choose a topic; there was so much to choose from. In the end I decided that I would choose a topic that had affected me in pass pregnancy. This topic was Preeclampsia. Getting information on Preeclampsia In the area I choose was very hard to find so I decided I would change the topic to make life easier. From then on I have chosen several topics including: Type 2 Diabetes in Pregnant Women and Child Poverty in Britain. I received an email article from Pampers (your baby at fifteen months) discussing the MMR jab, the article was very interesting so I decided to choose the topic not sure I was going to do it.
After reading up on some of the articles from the media, and recollecting information on my topic I reflect back to what had been thought by my tutors about the structures and the parts of an essay arguments those for and against the subject of topic. I found it to be the perfect topic for my essay.
Collecting information for the essay was not has easy as I thought it would be. I went to the college library and search the catalogue for books relating to my topic, all that was in the library was definition of the MMR vaccine, there was no substantial evidence. I went to the public library in Huntingdon still there were neither articles nor books that has got any evidences. The next stop for me was at the St.Neots public library there was no substantial source but the librarian was very helpful. She search the counties catalogue for books on the topic and put in a request for the book MMR Science and
Friction by Richard Horton, but then she had an idea that I could look on Amazon for cheap books and then goes on to say that was what her son did when he was in college. We looked on Amazon for the books that came up on the library catalogue that has anything to do with the MMR vaccine.
We saw only one of the books and that was MMR Vaccine and autism what parents need to know by Michael Fitzpatrick. It was on sale for £0.01 with postage of £2.75 the book was delivered the next three days.
Along with the book I purchased from Amazon I have joined the medical paper lancet website for a small fee. I have also used the BBC health website to gather information from different sources.
The way I approached the assignment was to gather all the information that I can in relation to my topic. After using the skimming and scanning reading technique I was able to think about what I was going to put in my assignment. Because the essay was limited to five hundred words I have to read carefully to choose subtopics and not to stray away from that topic.
I drew a spider plan but that did not work for me so I tried a table graph and it was clear and concise. As I read along the information that I collected on my topic I mark down key words and dates that I wanted to use in my essay.

In my essay I did not us a lot of quotes I use only one direct quotes from Dr Liam Smeeth, from the Lancet Medical Journal. I use the quotes because it was important for me to have the actual word of the doctor; it gives me a sense of security about the research I have put in my article and the security I need to feel as a writer.

I have used three different sources for my assignment, websites, a book and a journal. Writing the bibliography was not as hard as I thought it was going to be. One of the reasons why I did not find it so hard was whenever I use an author’s idea I citate the sources beside the paragraph or the sentenced used from that author. The citation handout was very helpful it is a very useful document.
The bibliography I produced for my assignment was the Harvard referencing systems.
Because I used one book for this assignment I just keep repeating the citations. Another part of my bibliography was the use of a website. The date I access the web page and the date the article was written. Again because I only used two websites it was not very difficult to reference it.
How ever the journal proved a challenge because the citation hand out did not have any examples of how to do a journal entry, so I used the journal page number and the volume of the journal are also included. Over all writing my bibliography was not very difficult at all but I need more practise.…...

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