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A Full-Time Program for Children Until They Reach Eighteen

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Education is always crucial to the development of individuals as well as the whole community. Hence, some people argue that it is a good idea to force children to take a full-time program at school until they reach the age of eighteen. However, I just agree with this idea to some extent.

To begin with, this suggestion is justified in some particular cases. With the fast pace of life and the mounting pressure from work, the majority of city dwellers are too busy to have enough time with their children. Hence, if their children stay at school during work hours under the supervisions and guidance from teachers, they can concentrate on their profession and maximize their productivity. In addition, the modern lifestyle with the popular use of the internet has some negative impacts on the formation of characters among children. Hence, staying at school seems to be a rational choice so that they can be educated and guides in the right direction. In fact, this policy has been applied in many western nations and it has proven its efficiency. In a recent survey, a large proportion of school children in Europe reported that the really enjoyed he time at school with many outdoor activities as well as lively lessons from enthusiastic teachers.

It is also asserted that this proposal may contain several drawbacks. The first obstacle is that children may also learn a lot of important social skills if allowed to stay home and help their parents with housework. In some developing countries, children can build their sense do social responsibility by taking care of their siblings and playing games with their peers in their neighborhood. Some experts think that children have every right to choose the activities they like to develop their sensitivity as well as creativity. Moreover, if all children stay at school all day long, it costs a lot or money from the national budget to…...

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