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A Case Analysis for “Does This Milk Shake Taste Funny?? “

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A case Analysis for “Does this milk shake taste funny?? “

For RKC MBA, Unit # 1, Assignment # 3 Class #442 - MBA 57597 - Organisational Behaviour

There are four things / persons involved in this situation; we must go thru all these characters. 1) Paul 2) George 3) The Eastern Dairy company 4) The Union & Colleagues Paul has taken the head of operators / production for the night shift. The other operators are following for the plan and production even though he is in the same position with others. His main objective is to produce at any quality and clean up the pipes before end of the shift George looks a social person & friendly nature with other colleagues. This nature he might have been learnt from local teenage gathering place ( a drive in restaurant)). He is a loving nature person (We come to know from his romance with Cathey). His family looks old convention & tradition family. He is not high achiever, is not interested in the studies even his parents are ready to support. He took menial jobs in the past summers and not a challenging job. He took Eastern Dairy job for money that he needs for dating & for car (physiological & social needs).He likes excitement and challenge, as we can see that he has interest in Hot Cars. Eastern Dairy company looks a good pay master (with this many employees may stick to longer years by motivated with good pay scale). The company has given a free hand to the night shift operators, no manager for the night shift. The day shift manager handovers the night shift production plan. The company has set goals for the night shift as production of particular number of gallons and cleaning the equipment. The company allowed forming the union for the employees, but there is no much explanation about the union involvement in the day to day process. There is a proper distribution of night shift work/ job responsibilities among…...

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