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3m in 2006

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3M in 2006

Prior to reading the 3M case, I was unaware of this historic corporation that dominates a wide range of markets today. I have heard and purchased products such as Post-it Note, Scotch Tape, and Scotch-Brite; however, I did not know all these products and many more belong to 3M Company. 3M was initiated in 1902 by five businessmen in Minnesota and its first product was the development of sandpaper. William McKnight was the leading figure and CEO of 3M who revolutionized the company and led it to its initial success. He and other prominent figures at that time evolved the company culture into a unique innovative organization. 3M was the first company to utilize various strategies that differentiated them from other organizations at the time. For instance, they applied product diversification, which was done by creating brand extensions, production modifications, or creating brand new products. A large number of ground-breaking products were created by, “leveraging existing technology and applying it to new areas”. (p. C437) This strategy was not common in other industries during that time period. This unique culture assisted 3M by allowing the company to reach out to markets their competitors could not have access too. This advantage gave 3M the opportunity to acquire a wide range of new consumers across different market sectors. It placed them as the top dog in supplying daily essentials for individuals, families, manufacturers, and suppliers. Another strategy that extremely benefitted the company, and was later used to institutionalize the innovative culture among employees was the ‘15% rule’. This rule consisted of “technical people spending up to 15% of their own workweeks on projects that might benefit the consumer, without having to justify the project to their managers”. (p. C437) Allowing technical people to have an extra time to experiment…...

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...theoretical and practical. Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Corporation (3M) is one of the companies that have successfully implemented differentiated product strategy that gives priority to innovation as a competitive advantage offered. This company believes that innovation to be the cornerstone of 3M’s future success. Current management has continued to embrace and expand these policies and philosophies. That is why researchers interested in evaluating policies and 3 M that philosophy is based on the innovation in the implementation of the strategy of differentiation 2. Motivation Motivation researchers conducted a study of control for differentiated strategies in Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Corporation (3M) because the researchers wanted to know more about the factors that influenced the design of the system and also the policies and philosophy rooted in the innovations made by 3M Corporation. By studying and examining the existing policy and philosophy that is rooted in innovation from the company, researchers can get a clearer picture of how to do a proper evaluation and what steps should be taken when problems arise in the future. 3. Research Question Evaluate the policies and philosophies of 3M from the standpoint of helping the company implement its strategy, rooted in innovation. 4. The Aim/Objectivity To provide evaluation policies and philosophies used by the 3M Corporation in implementing the strategy of......

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