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Nature versus Nurture The debate of nature versus nurture has been in people’s minds for a long period (Shaffer, 2008). The controversy concerning the issue is complicated because both nature and nurture play an important role in shaping one’s character. Although genetic makeup does influence how a person develops, the environment where one is brought up has a significant effect on the character. According to Keating (2010), the nurture versus nature debate dates back to the time of John Locke and Aristotle. The two philosophers had individual thoughts on the matter. Despite the arguments, it is accepted that the environment plays a bigger part in the development of one’s personality (Dowling, 2010). Psychologists argue that nature has a great influence on one’s character. Indeed, nature deals with a person’s genetic make-up as well as biological psychology. Genes determine physical traits such as blood type and eye color (Shaffer, 2008). Biological Siblings tent to show similar personality traits compared to adopted ones. Moreover, a person’s genes can determine whether a person can suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes and Alzheimer. A person who suffers from such diseases shows how nature can play a role in the development of a person. Keating writes, “The nature debate is credible because of the genetic factors that support how people’s personalities and appearance develops, yet the nurture of a person ultimately overshadows the nature debate because environmental factors better influence the development of a person” (P. 141). People come from diverse backgrounds, which influence their character traits, including peer pressure, diet, television, the internet, and prenatal nutrition (Shaffer, 2008). These factors have a direct bearing on ones’ personality. According to a recent study, teenagers who play violent video games are twice…...

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